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Produce packaging for coffee

High quality, unique design, convenient price

  • Degassing valve
  • zip-lock
  • More than 20 sizes
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Break line

Convenient and fast way to open the package without losing the aesthetic appearance


Provide sealing packaging of coffee through a special lock, which prevents the penetration and exposure to oxygen and other vapors on coffee.

Main advantages:

  • Protection from moisture, dust, air.
  • Repeated closure and opening without losing the qualities of the castle.

Degassing valve

Provides release of carbon dioxide without loss of tightness

Main advantages:

  • allows you to produce carbon dioxide and not pass oxygen
  • increase the shelf life and shelf life of coffee
  • ensuring tightness of the package
  • compliance with specific requirements
  • preservation of natural taste and aroma of coffee packaging

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High-tech production, well-established logistics system and built management of the company, it allows us to offer:

  • optimal terms of production and delivery of packaging;
  • to solve complex and non-standard problems of our customers in design, configuration and size of packaging;
  • do not bind our customers to a large volume of the order, the minimum order of 500 PCs.

Our goal is to offer the industry practical solutions and create comfortable conditions for cooperation, both for small and large enterprises.

Application of branding of any complexity

Production of packages on the individual sizes

High quality products and compliance with all necessary standards

Control of all stages of production of packages

Choice of a complete set of packages

Flexible system of payment optimum terms of production and delivery

Development of design and corporate identity for your packing we

Work with EU and the CIS


for tea, coffee and snacks

High quality, unique design, convenient price

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